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FLATSTAR series is a modular grinding machine for removing the residues of resins, pastes and inks after the hole plugging process in the production of printed circuit boards.

This machine is also ideally suited for scrubbing press plate separator.

The Flatstar with single oscillation is composed by a monobloc for the Three Independent Brushes: the oscillation is controlled by a single brushless motor.

The flexibility of the Flatstar Series allows the changing of parameters to meet all types of hole plugging systems and applications. Because various systems generate different surface topography, the multiple parameters may be adjusted for the appropriate treatment and performance. Should the holes plugging process remain the same, minimal adjustments will be required for individual jobs.

The machine is a Single Side processing series and available in a range of 650 (25,5”) and 760 mm. (30”) maximum panel width.

The modular design offers the in line option of adding a turn over device between 2 Flatstar machines for automatic double side production.

Flatstar series can process panel from 0,3 to 12 mm (.012” to .48”) thickness, and for thinner thickness it is necessary the evaluation of our technical department.

The Flatstar series is designed to support different types of brushes that process the panel individually, to obtain the correct surface roughness for the following process.

Brushes can be changed easily by the operator without tools. A semi-automatic cycle brings the monobloc to a dedicated area of the structure for change out. Brushes are then automatically re-positioned at the correct height.

The Flatstar is provided with automatic brush pressure adjustment which allows consistent working pressure.

Each brush has its own individual height adjustment motor to keep the correct working height.

The pressure, controlled by the brush motor absorption is independent on each brush. This guarantees optimal grinding action apart from the board surface, thus ensuring accurate surface treatment, minimal board stretching and reduced copper removal, without holes defects (ovalization).

The potential damage to the panel edges is prevented by controlling the specific approaching cycle of each individual brush. The grinding action starts only after a preset area of the brush will be in contact with the panel. The oscillation, controlled by brushless motor, is adjusted automatically or manually, to the defined working area, thus avoiding damage on the panel sides.

The Frequency of oscillation can be adapted to the process by brushless motor.

Oscillation width: automatic adaptation to the panel dimension.

Automatic set up of panel width and thickness.

The modular design of the single side processing series offers the in line option of adding a turn over device between 2 Flatstar machines for automatic double side production.

The modular design offers the possibility of adding various modules to the rinsing chamber, like Ultrasound and/or Super High Pressure modules, for more complex processing line.

Drying modules of different configurations are available to meet all production requirements.

The same machine can be advantageously employed in many other processes of the fabrication of printed circuits.

The used water is highly contaminated with copper. This contamination can be greatly reduced by employing three different copper separators “Copperstar” or “Custar” or “Paperstar”, see the section Filtering System.