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As official supplier of CERN European Council for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland, we are proud to inform we had the opportunity to produce the latest evolution of Oxide Replecement Line for Innerlayer and a jet scrubbing surface pre-treatment line, Jetstar.

Chemstar range is a combination of horizontal Chemical Spray, Chemical Immersion and Rinse modules for Black Oxide, Oxide Replecement or Alternative Oxide process lines, thus the Innerlayer copper surface conditioning.

Jetstar is a Modular series of Aluminium Oxide or Pumice Jet scrubbing machine for rigid and flexible printed circuit boards. This machine is ideally suited to prepare the copper surface prior the lamination of dry-films, soldermask coating, finish gold or silver levelling. The copper surface is perfectly treated and thus prepared for good subsequent adhesion.

We would like to thanks CERN, the unique institution, for the great opportunity gave us to continue the co-operation started from several years.

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