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COPPERSTAR is a filtering system to remove the copper through a filter and re-circulates the water to the brushing machine.

This machine can be employed with any deburring machine equipped with abrasive brushes used on the printing circuit boards production.

The water used in the brushing section and in the first rinsing chamber is highly contaminated with copper and brush particles.

Copperstar is a system to remove the copper through an organic material coated filter and re-circulate the water to the brushing machine.

This organic material has excellent permeability and filtration capacity, and can remove particles of about 0.5 micron from liquids. The organic material is powder base and is used to precoat the filter bags.

The replacement of the filter bag is an easy and quick operation.

The water is almost entirely re-circulated, thus drastically reducing the consumption. In order to keep the water temperature under control, a small amount of filtered water is evacuated from a flow-meter and renewed by fresh water incoming from the main net.