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PAPERSTAR is a system to remove the copper through a paper filter and re-circulate the water to the brushing machine.

Paperstar is normally in combination with grinding machine where the water used in the brushing section and the first rinse chamber is highly contaminated with copper and can be greatly decontaminated and almost totally re-circulated with the use of the copper separator “Paperstar”.

The machine has an automatic device for the advance of the paper roll through a gear motor. A signal is given whenever the roll is at the end.

A centrifugal pump is installed and included in the equipment. The water is almost entirely re-circulated, thus drastically reducing consumption.

Water level is controlled by level sensors. This machine can be employed with any machine of the printing circuit boards process.

The machine has a self supporting structure totally constructed in stainless steel. Various materials are used for the best compatibility with chemistry, temperature and process needs.