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SOLDERSTAR is a modular series of Polypropylene and Stainless Steel ranges for developing alkaline or solvent Soldermask used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

The basic machine includes an entry conveyor, two developing and three rinsing chambers: the modular design offers the possibility of adding various developing, rinsing modules to meet more complex production requirements.

Drying modules of different configurations are available to meet all production requirements.

This series is available to accommodate panel widths of 650 (25,5”) and 760mm (30”).

Solderstar series can process panel from 0,5 to 5 mm (.020” to .200”) thickness as a standard, but can easily works with boards down to 0,05 mm. (.002”) using the Thin Material System or up to 12,7 mm. (.500”) with the Thick Board Option.

The upper spray pipes can be removed from the top and lower spray pipes can be easily removed from the side of the machine and exact repositioned after cleaning and maintenance operations.

The new design allows to install all the instruments like pressure gauges, flowmeter, ph or conductivity meter in full view of the operator.

All the pumps are located opposite the operator side with extremely easy access for maintenance purposes as well as the filter housings to facilitate the removal of the cartridges.

The electrical console with PLC and touch screen display interface operator, allows for Preheating timer, Cascading start of all pumps activated by input sensor and minimum-maximum temperature control with alarms.

Automatic spraying pressure regulation, solution make-up devices can be implemented as options with Solderstar series for many different process of the fabrication of printed circuits.