Atmospheric Plasma WONDERWISE

WISE is proud to announce the installation of the revolutionary WONDERWISE in the Technica demo center in San Jose.

WonderWise, the first conveyorized atmospheric plasma system built for the Printed Circuit Board Industry.

 Following Benefits:

Avoid the costly use of chemicals or mechanical cleaning steps to prepare the copper surface
Easily integrated into production lines
Laminate dry film resist directly after surface preparation
Double or Single sided surface preparation available
Can be installed in yellow rooms
Reduction in cost of energy, water, and waste disposal
Ideal for activation of copper foils used for high-speed applications (without any micro-etch)
Thanks to the high degree of interest at the 2022 IPC Expo, the WonderWise was recently installed at Technica’s Equipment Demo center located in San Jose, CA. We have scheduled the week of May 9th for the purpose of demonstrating and conducting tests of this process for customers. Customer’s may bring materials that will be processed through the WonderWise equipment and will be dry film coated on a new Dynachem ML3124.

Due to the overwhelming interest in this equipment, we ask that you contact your Technica Sales Account Manager to schedule your visit as soon as possible. If you are unable to attend in person, you may ship your test panels with instructions to our San Jose location, attention Jason Perry, we will be pleased to process and return them to you for your inspection.

Please feel free to contact us or Technica if there are any questions you might have or require more information.

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