WASHSTAR is a Compact cleaning unit for printed circuits, especially suited for final washing of finished small printed circuit boards.

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The same machine can be advantageously employed in many other processes of the fabrication of printed circuits where through-hole washing and drying is required.

The machine has a self supporting structure totally constructed in stainless steel.

Washstar ensures a perfect cleaning surface for panels down to 50 mm. at least on one side.

One set of nylon brushes can be installed for a mechanical cleaning action controlled by reduction motor unit.

Stainless steel rollers with rubber sleeves in the entry conveyor and in the spray sections, at inlet and outlet of the chambers to minimise drag-out.

A vertical Multistage High Pressure pump is installed for strong water impact on boards surface and through holes deed of washing.

The standard configuration of drying section is suitable for all productions of printed circuit boards.

The electrical cabinet is located inside of the machine and all the electrical components are the top quality class.

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Industrial Automation
Electronic consumer
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