FLUXSTAR is a compact cleaning machine especially suited for removing all fluxes in infrared fusing, solder levelling or roller tinning of printed circuit boards.

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The same machine can be advantageously employed in many other processes of the fabrication of printed circuits where through-hole washing and drying is required.

The strong self supporting structures, three millimetre thick, are totally constructed in Stainless Steel and available from left to right or right to left conveyor direction.

Fluxstar is composed of a sequence of rinse sections where hot water could be used, complete of nylon brushes to ensure a perfect cleaning surface.

All sumps are located inside the machine and pumps, cartridge filters on pump outlet and pressure gauges are included. The system includes flow-meter with solenoid valve at inlet which ensures great water saving by adjusting the water flow to the minimum necessary for renewing the re-circulated water. All sump bottoms are sloped to facilitate emptying and cleaning operations. Each sump is connected to a drain through a valve, thus allowing selective empting of all fluids.

A vertical Multistage High Pressure pump is installed for strong water impact on boards surface and through holes deed of washing.

Various materials are used for the best compatibility with chemistry, temperature and process needs.

Fluxstar has different versions of dryer in relation of the process and the drying capability required.

The electrical cabinet is located inside of the Fluxstar and all the electric components are of top quality. A separate electrical console can be ordered as option.

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