WonderWise is a compact machine for the horizontal Innerlayer copper surface preparation.

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The machine is suitable in two configurations, double side or single side process and it is fully automatic friendly use.

The machine adopts a new concept method of producing Atmospheric Plasma with low pressure and high density to obtain high efficiency of activation on the copper surface for the adhesion of photosensitive film.

The Plasma system is Patented.

The concept of the surface preparation is totally different than the conventional process.

Plasma does not produce a roughness but an energy surface tension which produce an activation of the copper surface, suitable for the adhesion of the photosensitive material.

The high surface energy allows good wettability synonymous of high coating adhesion.

The Plasma is in alternative to chemical or mechanical process and it uses with normal compressed air or gases in relation to the process.


WonderWise has a significant impact on the fabrication of PCB such as:

Ecological optics process
Benefit of the process in ecological optics Reduction
  • Chemical consumption
  • Water chemistry and water purification
  • Chemical gases into the atmosphere
  • Fume extraction and abatement system cost
  • Environmental operator conditions
Reduction Cost of the process
Cost of the process
  • Management cost
  • Energy consumption cost
  • Water treatment cost
  • Waste chemical treatment cost
  • Working space
  • Machine in-line with the following processing equipment
  • Installation in Yellow room (clean process)
Board Quality
Quality of the board
  • Distortion of the board during the process
  • Copper thickness
  • Impedence
  • Heat dissipated by the circuit
  • Electrical signal uniformity
  • No alteration of the copper surface
  • Signal quality at high frequency
  • Aesthetics panel



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Application fields

Industrial Automation
Electronic consumer
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