SCRUBSTAR–150 series is composed by Modular line of brushing machine for removing the residues of resins, pastes and inks after the hole plugging process in the production of flex printed circuit boards.

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This series together with Flatstar and Cleverstar complete a wide range of grinding machines for Hole Plug-in process.

The Modular lines are available with two, four, six and eight brushes configuration in a range of 650 (25,5”), 760 mm. (30”) maximum panel width.

Scrubstar–150 series can process panel from 0,5 to 5 mm (.020” to .200”) thickness as a standard, but can easily works with boards down to 0,1 mm. (.004”) using the Thin Material System.

The Modular grinding machine is designed to support different types of brushes that process the panel individually and obtain the correct surface roughness for the following process.

The modular design offers the possibility of adding various modules to the rinsing chamber, like Ultrasound and/or Super High Pressure modules, for more complex processing line.
Drying modules of different configurations are available to meet all production requirements.

The Scrustar–150 is provided with complete automatic brush pressure adjustment which allows consistent working pressure in combination with board panel thickness as well as the board width device.

The same machine can be advantageously employed in many other processes of the fabrication of printed circuits.

The used water is highly contaminated with copper. This contamination can be greatly reduced by employing three different copper separators “Copperstar” or “Custar” or “Paperstar”, see the section Filtering System.

The Scrubstar–150 series has been developed with many options in order to achieve all customer’s satisfaction.

The Chemstar Modular series is composed of Polypropylene or Stainless Steel Modules which can be installed with Scrubstar for many different processes in the fabrication of printed circuits boards.

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